Castle Bravo, large thermonuclear hydrogen bomb

Castle Bravo, large thermonuclear hydrogen bomb

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June 10, 2014

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Castle Bravo, large thermonuclear hydrogen bomb


Castle Bravo was the code name given to the first United States test of a dry fuel thermonuclear hydrogen bomb, detonated on March 1, 1954 at Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands, as the first test of Operation Castle. Castle Bravo was the most powerful nuclear device ever detonated by the United States (and just under one-third the energy of the most powerful ever detonated), with a yield of 15 megatons of TNT. That yield, far exceeding the expected yield of 4 to 6 megatons, combined with other factors, led to the most significant accidental radiological contamination ever caused by the United States. Fallout from the detonation (Intended to be a secret test) poisoned some of the islanders upon their return, as well as the crew of Daigo Fukuryū Maru ("Lucky Dragon No. 5"), a Japanese fishing...



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    Physics videos at Bartlesville High School. ... Castle Bravo - Largest U.S ... is of the frightening 15-megaton Castle Bravo thermonuclear hydrogen bomb test in 1954.

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    Up to that point, the largest hydrogen bomb the Soviets had detonated was the puny 3 MT RDS-37 (albeit the first true hydrogen bomb they built) but Khrushchev demanded something much, much bigger—enough to make America's 15 MT Castle Bravo test …

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    But as the 60th anniversary nears of their exposure to the hydrogen bomb blast, surviving crew members ... In the first test of the U.S. Castle Bravo project, the 15-megaton bomb detonated on March 1, 1954, was 1,000 times more powerful than the atomic ...

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    Small incidents can be repaired, but when there are large incidents ... Castle Bravo, Marshall Islands Castle Bravo was the code name given to the first US test of a dry fuel thermonuclear hydrogen bomb. The test was performed on March 1, 1954.

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