Islam is.... MUSLIMS :) I AM MUSLIM :) thats how MUSLIMS SHOULD BE ^__^

Islam is.... MUSLIMS :)  I AM MUSLIM :) thats how MUSLIMS SHOULD BE ^__^

Video Analysis for Islam is.... MUSLIMS :) I AM MUSLIM :) thats how MUSLIMS SHOULD BE ^__^

May 15, 2014

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Islam is.... MUSLIMS :) I AM MUSLIM :) thats how MUSLIMS SHOULD BE ^__^


A good suggestion would be that you join some weekend or evening Islamic course or something of that sort. You will find good company there which will be a means of strengthening your faith and Iman. And when you feel like you are all ?burnt out?, there will be others there who will guide you and help you out and get you back up on your feet again.

Try to read some portion of the Quran everyday and make Zikr of Allah. It will not be a bad idea to start off the day by reciting Surah Yaseen.

Try to have a daily Halaqah of reading from a Hadith book at home. The most widely used Hadith book in English is probably Riyadh us Salihin. Set aside a time at home, and try to sit down with other family members. It does not have to be long. E...



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